“Rawlins himself is a truly stunning song-writer who doesn’t just use his deft hands for his finger-plucked guitar strings but also for his writing. His lyrics aren’t simply lyrics, they are more like tales, stories and poetry; all of which he has penned and adapted to suit his music and creating an album that reads like a mildly surrealistic novel.” (Artree)

Bring on the Rain is technically sound, showing a musician with years of practice and training. More so, it is artistically adept -- the album is the work of a soulful creator who is only beginning a promising career. Rawlin’s first album is timeless, genre-bending and beautiful. No doubt Rawlin’s will strum the heartstrings of listeners, and become an industry name in no time.” (Divide and Conquer Music)

“A rich and unforgettable first album from this Chicago based songwriter....You can tell, that as a listener you are in the hands of a precise, unnerving descriptor… Listen carefully, look out for the detail, let the words soothe or screech at you, and let the music amaze you… surreal and thought-provoking.” (Americana UK)

“A James Taylor-like relaxed vocal delivery and clean guitar playing that perfectly fits the atmosphere he’s trying to build within the songs... Americana music played without gimmicks and stereotypes” (Dancing About Architecture)

“Rawlins is fingerpicking singer-songwriter troubadour of the old school , his songs drawn from everyday observations, his laid back melodies easy on the ear, his gentle, grainy voice variously evocative of Eric Andersen, James Taylor and, on the tone and phrasing of 'Don't Forget', a folk country inflected Leonard Cohen.” (FATEA Records)